/3 methods to get quick money loans without going through the bank!

3 methods to get quick money loans without going through the bank!

When you have the right money, sometimes you need a quick money loan. The problem is that getting an urgent credit through a traditional bank or a credit institution can take longer than you have to make your unexpected payments. Here you will discover the 3 best methods to get fast money loans without having to go through the bank, and the best thing of all is that you can request them without having to move from home!

Do you need a loan of money?

1. Mini credits: the simplest and fastest method

The difficulties in obtaining a loan have led to the birth of many online companies dedicated to offering small amounts of money quickly.

With these mini credits or “micro credits” you can get approximatelly a maximum of $ 800-1,000 in less than 10 minutes. It’s a simple and totally online way to get quick money loans, and they will not even ask you for a special requirement to grant it! You will only need your identity card, an account in your name in a bank, and a telephone to contact you.

Before applying for the loan, look carefully at all the entities and select the ones that most closely match your needs. When you already know which page you want to request your loan, you will only have to indicate the amount you need, the maximum period in which you will return it, and fill out your application. In less than 10 minutes you will know if they have accepted it and you will have your money fast!

2. Fast online loans: the alternative for major projects

Fast online credits are very similar to mini credits: the main differences are the amount of money and time. You can get up to $ 10,000 in just 24 hours, and no paperwork is necessary.

What differences are there?

A mini credit grants up to $ 800 in 10 minutes. A quick credit grants up to $ 10,000 in 24 hours. To apply for this type of credit you will not need to have a payroll or endorsement to get the money you need. But as with the mini credits, you will have to fill in a form with your basic information, and in 24 hours you will know if you have been granted that money. If you live in UK, instant loans UK can be a good solution.

3. Crowdfunding: and what the hell is that?

You may never have heard this word, but crowdfunding is much more common than you think. It is a way of collective financing. It is based on presenting your financial need to a group of people explaining why you need that money. If these people are convinced or your proposal seems interesting, they will give you that money through donations or investments.

You could say that these people are fast money lenders in solidarity, although do not think you will not have to pay back what they have lent you (if the money is for a solidary project, maybe you do not have to return it).

Crowdfunding is very fashionable on the Internet and social networks because through them you can spread your project or economic need and reach a large mass, although there are also many online platforms such as web pages dedicated only to this.