/Reasons to Head Online Before Your Trip to Disney

Reasons to Head Online Before Your Trip to Disney

I have no idea what people did in the past when the internet wasn’t around, we must have just been wasting time and money on our vacations. I say this because last year I took my family to Disney World in Orlando and I relied heavily on the internet in the run up to my trip, which helped me out immeasurably. If you are taking the kids to Orlando next year then here is exactly why you need to use the resources which are available online to plan your trip.

Money Saving

The first thing to mention here is that with some research online you can save a huge amount of money on a visit to many of the theme parks in Florida. Third party websites offer you great deals and discounts on entrance tickets to the park, far cheaper than you would pay if you purchased tickets at the entrance to the park. If you are looking for discount Disney tickets then you need to get online and seek out some of the brilliant deals which you can find there. I’m not talking about saving a little bit of money either, you can bag yourself some signifiant promotions online.


When you are in a theme park it is vital that you are efficient with your time in order to maximize your trip, but what if you haven’t been to the park before? The best way to plan your trip therefore is to get online before you go, work out which rides are best, which you want to go on and how long the wait time will be for each. In doing this you can become super efficient with your time in the park, you can go to the right rides at the right time and massively cut down your idle time. If you have limited time in the parks then you need to be as efficient as you can be and in order to do that you need to get online and start planning.

Tips and Tricks

Some people go to Disney a lot, and they are the best people to learn from before you go. Many of these people also like to blog about their trips to Disney, offering some absolutely essential tips and tricks which you can use during your time there. Whether it is how to best use your FAST pass, where to eat, what time to go to certain places or any other number of hacks which people have found, you can read about them online and use them for the benefit of you and your family during your time in Disney. I cannot tell you how much this helped my family when we went and I have no doubt that you are going to get a lot of benefit from the hacks, tips and tricks which you can find online.

Get online and make that Disney trip better than you ever thought it would be.