/Five things to consider before your trip:

Five things to consider before your trip:


There is a huge array of things to consider before you go on any trip, be it a weekend away or a longer journey to the far side of the world. Pre-planning will help you imagine your trip and how wonderful it will be and it will also make your journey easier as you will have hopefully covered any incidents that may have arisen. Here we will look at five of things to consider before you embark on your journey and hopefully they help you plan your trip a little better.


Besides yourself, what comes with you is the next most important aspect of your journey. You will want to pack what is necessary for your trip and nothing less. This will reduce the weight of your bag and save you time searching your bag. You must consider what activities you will be taking part in and the seasons of the area you are visiting. You don’t want to be at the beach whilst carrying a winter jacket in your bag, it will be frustrating and tiresome, so always research what is necessary for your journey.


Like the above, knowing your destination is key. For shorter trips it isn’t as important, but for longer journeys knowing where you will be in advance will help you. You can use your spare time to research the best modes of transport, the local currency and language and the weather in the area you will be visiting. Once again this will help you save time, money and your patience as you will have all the knowledge you need before you embark.


One of the must haves for any trip. Hopefully it will never be needed but having insurance will give you peace of mind on your journey, because if something does happen, at least you will be covered and help will be provided. There is an abundance of different types of insurance and companies to choose from, you should always compare your options for travel insurance and make sure it suits your needs.

Solo or Group:

Choosing between a solo trip or one with a group can have a huge impact on how the journey goes. The differences can be seen in all aspects of the trip including methods of transport, accommodation and what each individual desire from the trip. It is important to consider each person on the trip and factor in their needs and wants.

Length of travel:

Have you saved enough money? Will you experience varying seasons? Will you be home sick? These are all important questions to ask yourself before departing. Most people don’t want to call home after they have failed to budget properly. When planning your adventure ensure you have considered how long you will be gone and how this will affect you.

Hopefully thinking of these ideas above will help you plan a better trip and make your journey all that more enjoyable.