/5 Staycation Ideas for a Great Vacation at Home

5 Staycation Ideas for a Great Vacation at Home

Taking a staycation is a great idea for anyone needing a break from the monotony of daily life without the budget for an all-out vacation getaway. For those unfamiliar, a “staycation” is exactly what it sounds like – taking a vacation in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re recovering from surgery at Northwest Surgery Center or just took a mental health day to catch up on your self care out of the office, a day off work at home can be just as peaceful as a vacation getaway with a little creativity and preparation. Here are 5 staycation ideas for anyone needing a little break, without leaving home.

1. Clean Your Space in Advance

While this might not sound like an important step, the truth is that you will have a much better and more relaxing time if your space is clean and organized while you are spending time in it. Before your day(s) off, take the time to do a deep clean of your home. Organize clutter, vacuum the floors, and wash your bedding. Your future self will thank you.

2. No Real Clothes Allowed

On a day off, you should not feel obligated to get ready in the morning the same way that you would ahead of a long day at the office. To remind yourself that you are in rest and relaxation mode, don’t change out of your pajamas (or throw on a comfy pair of sweatpants and a big hoodie if you can’t stand the thought of spending all day in the clothes you slept in).

3. Pamper Yourself at the (Home) Spa

One of the best ways to care for yourself during a day at home is by doing a DIY spa day in the comfort of your own bathroom. Grab some sheet masks at the drugstore, draw a hot bath, and get ready to pamper yourself.

4. Disconnect from Social Media

While social media can be fun, it often brings additional stress into our daily lives. Curb this stress by leaving your phone in the opposite area of your home than you, or at least mute notifications from social media apps if you insist on leaving your phone by your side. The best part of vacationing is unplugging from the world around you – that applies to a staycation as well.

5. Prepare (or Order) a Special Meal

One way to drive home the fact that this is not an ordinary day around the house is by eating your favorite meal that you usually reserve for vacations or special occasions. Whether it’s a meal that you enjoy spending hours prepping in the kitchen or just takeout from your favorite local spot, eating a comfort meal that you really enjoy is a great way to enjoy your day at the house.