Rivera Maya is an alluring haven full of magic and charm that goes

beyond pristine powdery beaches with turquoise waters. The magnificent

stretch of the Caribbean coastline has everything (yes, we mean

EVERYTHING!) you would want from a vacation. Majestic beaches,

ancient cities, incredible water sports, jungle adventures, vibrant

nightlife, great food, and charming small villages. Whether you are a sun

lover, scuba diver, a naturalist, or an explorer, there is a perfect spot for you.

The Riviera Maya offers a fine selection of vacation rentals, including private rental villas and all-inclusive hotels in Riviera Maya’s most exclusive residential neighborhoods & private resorts. Since its inception back in 1999, the Riviera Maya has become “The” place to go in Mexico and one of the most popular beach destinations in the world.

There is no question why Rivera Maya is one of Mexico’s favorite

travel destination – here are five reasons why tourists (and locals) have

fallen in love with the Rivera Maya, and we assure you, you will do too!


The Great Mayan reef (aka Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System) is the second largest coral reef in the world (after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef). It is born at the Yucatan Peninsula, and it stretches down four countries; Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. The system passes through popular cities in the region of the Rivera Maya; Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum. Sea lovers can immerse themselves in the underwater world through snorkeling and scuba diving. There is an unmatched diversity of scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the Rivera Mayan; including the famous Akumal (in Playa del Carmen), an excellent place to observe green turtles and stingrays. Tulum is a great spot to

snorkel in the beautiful transparent emerald green waters, as you take a look at the ancient small Mayan city perched on the rocky cliff. Your underwater dream of swimming in a colorful world surrounded by an extensive variety of majestic sea creatures (barracudas, whale sharks, manta rays, seahorses, colorful fish, and more) will come true in this vibrant, colorful reef.


The Cenotes is what makes this region so spectacular. The sacred wells, as referred by the Mayas, are natural sinkholes that developed millions of years ago. Immerse yourself in the pure fresh waters of the cenotes to admire the natural acts of magic (legend says that these waters have

healing powers). The Cenotes are not only amazing places to snorkel, dive, and swim; they are also an essential part of Mayan history. Mayas used the cenotes as fresh water sources, graves and as ritual places. There are thousands of cenotes in the Rivera Maya, but no two are alike, each one has its unique magic. Tulum, Chaak Tun (across Playa Del Carmen), and Ik KIl (in Chichen Itza) have some of the finest ones. We are sure that you will have an experience of a lifetime exploring the underground water wonderlands.


The Rivera Maya is one of Mexico’s most impressive destinations due to the fascinating cultural legacy the Mayas have left behind. The intriguing

Pyramid cities (the Mayan Ruins) will take your breath away. Chichén Itzá, best known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, posses the captivating temple; the Kulkulkan (The Castle). The monument was considered a God in the ancient Mayan culture. At night, the ancient city presents a spectacular show, that along with lights, music, and dance, exhibits the evolution of Mexicos history, beginning with the ancient Mayan times. Coba is another extensive archeological park (the designed of this settlement was very different from other Mayan cities). This archeological park is situated in a jungle between two large lagoons. You will feel like Indiana Jones when you explore the ancient city of Coba as you walk through old structures hidden under overgrown jungle vegetations. Nohoch Mul is an impressive pyramid in Coba with over 100 steps (the highest pyramid in all of the Yucatan Peninsula), once you have reached the top, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Coba City and jungle treetops stretching out of sight. Tulum (as mentioned before), has another famous fortress that sits atop a rocky cliff. This small ancient Mayan city is perfect for touring around before your refreshing snorkel adventure in the majestic Caribbean Sea. Traversing the Mayan stone age culture, admiring the outstanding architectural skills of impressive pyramids, temples, and stunning castles and watchtowers will transport you to the magical ancient Mayan times.


Among all the incredible things you can do in Rivera Maya, the most popular is basking on the beach while you enjoy the sun and the warm of the Caribbean Sea. Playa Del Carmen is a favorite idyllic place filled beach clubs, shops, and great restaurants for every taste. This vibrant place is perfect for any water activity. Akumal is one of the most visited beaches in the area because of the friendly turtles swimming on the public beach. Tulum is the only archeological site that is situated on the beach; the turquoise waters entice people to jump in. After enjoying an active beach day in Tulum, head out for a fancy evening at the downtown area (the Pueblo), filled with ́Hollywood hangouts ́. Islas Mujeres is the perfect getaway for a relaxing break. The silky white beaches are perfect for lazing around and catching some sun. This sleepy island of Islas Mujeres (Island of Women) does offer not only the

ultimate relaxation retreat but also unique activities; swimming with sharks (don’t worry, they are harmless) and baby turtle release.
A trip to the Rivera Maya will not be complete until you explore Xcaret. The outdoor park is a combination of nature, culture, history, and fun, and it is the ideal place to witness the richness that Mexico offers. The park guarantees memorable moments for every family member. Some of the most prominent activities are; swimming in underground rivers, looking at the beautiful aviary inhabitants, visiting the aquarium, and the butterfly pavilion. When the evening falls, Xcaret has an astonishing Mayan night show that presents the history of Mayan culture through dance, rituals, and colorful clothing.


The Rivera Maya culture is vibrant and colorful. Mexicans are recognized for making visitors feel at home. Yucatan is home of the kindness friendliest folks in the world, you can be sure to receive a warm welcome from everyone. The Mayan culture remains alive today, and its food is a great representation of it; recipes have been handed down through generations. Yucatan cuisine is one of the most emblematic and popular in the country. The perfect mixture of ingredients used by the ancient

Mayan along with the Spanish touch brings together exquisite unique favors. Rivera Maya offers a wide diversity of world-class restaurants, but if you are willing to leave the fancy silverware behind, you can experience a unique delicious variety of scents and colors in the food stands. The people in the area continue to hold on to their unique way of life through a colorful hybrid of traditions. Many women today still wear distinctive patterns of hand-woven loose dresses.

Exclusive spas, vibrant nightclubs, shopping centers, upscale galleries, and top-notch golfing are just a few more things we can add to the reasons why you will fall in love with the enchanting land of Rivera Maya. The experiences this magical place offer will, without a doubt, captivate your heart forever.