/How to Improve Your Photography Skills

How to Improve Your Photography Skills

How many times have you taken a photo of something beautiful that you have stumbled upon, or taken an action shot of something exciting, only to get home and find that the photo looks nothing like what you saw with your naked eye? I have done this more times than I care to imagine so I decided a couple of years ago to ask my friend Radha C Singh, photography expert, to give me some tips on improving my photography skills. I am by no means an expert but my shots are far greater than they ever were and so I thought I would share with you some tips on how you too can improve your ability to take that perfect shot.

Take The Camera Everywhere

Taking my camera everywhere with me turned out to be a great way to build up my skill level as it meant that I was constantly on the lookout for something to snap. In the past I would go out with the intention of finding something to shoot and this would result in me forcing myself to find something good. If you want to improve then I would advise you to do the same, grab your camera before you leave the house an let inspiration find you.

Always Be a Student

Even when you are starting to get better and more comfortable behind the camera you should still act as though you are a beginner and take on all of the tips and tricks that people are giving you. Even some expert photographers that I know live by this code and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us amateurs.

Watch Tutorials

There are some brilliant tutorials on YouTube which I would advise you to check out in order to help you improve different sides to your photography. The tutorials range from people giving out tips on color combinations to how to decide which camera is best for you right the way through to development techniques and I cannot tell you how many hours I spent watching them in my pursuit of improvement.

Pick a Color

A great exercise to help you improve is to focus on one color and one color only and then take snaps of things that have that color in dominance. For example, pick the color blue and then go and take shots of the sky, the sea or anything else which is heavily blue in color. This exercise is great for understanding color and how to take the best shot of a particular color and it will pay off when the time comes to take various shots as you will already know the best camera settings to get the best out of a dominant color.

The best advice is to just get out there and experiment and keep doing so until you get things just right.