/What your cocktail choices say about you when you’re on holiday?

What your cocktail choices say about you when you’re on holiday?

When you go on holiday, you have had everything prepared. You’ve got the perfect swimsuit, evening outfit, sunglasses and sunhat. You’ve even managed to coordinate your make up to your outfit choices. It takes a lot of effort to keep looking fabulous, especially when you finally go out and are ready to hit the town for a quick drink. However, once you get to the local bar and look at the cocktail menu, have you ever considered what cocktail order might say about you? What you drink tends to show specific aspects of your personality. So, let’s jump into it and see exactly what your favourite cocktail shows about what you’re like as a person.


So, before we jump into the cocktails (and we know that this drink isn’t exactly a cocktail…), we are going to quickly touch on the subject of wine. Whether you’re out drinking on your own, or you’re meeting up with one of the Thai escorts in Bangkok for a date, wine tends to make you look more sophisticated and mature. Wine drinks tend to not to spill secrets and are very good are keeping gossip locked away in their own minds.

Of course, the image you give will also depend on the type of wine you pick. Rose tends to make the drinker look youthful and feminine, white wine will give you a look of maturity, whilst red wine looks sophisticated, intellectual and will show off that you have good taste. It takes a while to grow into wine, so don’t worry if you do not like it to begin with. It will grow on you in time.


It’s time to jump onto our first cocktail: The Margarita. This is a classic cocktail that tends to have a split set of people who enjoy this. Some enjoy it in its normal liquid form, others prefer it frozen in a sort of “slushy” format. For those who enjoy it on the rocks, this can show that you are extremely sociable and can easily meet new people and make friends with them. Your conversation is always spot on and you will always be missed when you finally wrap up the evening and return to your hotel. However, if you enjoy a frozen margarita, this can give you a party girl/boy look. You love to dance and are not ashamed about showing it off. No matter what bar or club you end up in, you will always have a great time and make the night your own.

Gin Cocktails

There are so many gin-based cocktails out there that there are entire bars out there just dedicated to this type of alcohol. What does this cocktail say about people? Well, it gives the impression of class. Not only do you get it in a large decanter, which is usually reserved for red wine, but the amount of flavours and decorations (such as flowers and sweet treats) gives a normal gin and tonic a sassy appearance. Don’t worry if you substitute your tonic for lemonade. For this can give you a youthful look and can show that you’re still growing into enjoying gin. If you are after the classy femme-fatale look when you’re at a bar, ordering a gin & tonic or lemonade will certainly complete your look.

Long Island Ice Tea

If you’re after the look of a person whose after just getting trashed this evening, this cocktail might just be up your street. As this cocktail contains the majority of alcohols mixed into one glass, plus a sugar rush from the coke, your bartender is going to know what you’re after one thing: Getting drunk. They won’t judge you too harshly, but you may look like a cheap student that is just trying to have a good night. Be careful when you drink these cocktails. They tend to go down the hatch pretty quickly.

Espresso Martini

Another deadly combo drink. Again, your bartender probably is going to think that you’re just after getting trashed, as Espresso is a strong mix of alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Good luck with that hangover tomorrow!


Now, if you’re after a basic girl drink then Mojito is going to be the thing for you. Unfortunately, Mojitos are actually quite hard to make. It’s not like they have a lot of big ingredients in them, they’re just fiddly and it takes time to get them right. However, the taste is refreshing and can give you the look of a woman who doesn’t take things too seriously…Either that or you just want to get that snap of you and your mojito to put on your Instagram account.


If you choose a Martini over a sweet cocktail, it shows that you can definitely handle your booze. These little glasses can hit you hard, considering that probably about 80% of the liquid in there is alcohol. However, it does look fancy and can give you the look of a truly sophisticated alcoholic.

Bloody Marys

Bloody Marys are the sort of cocktail that isn’t really meant to be enjoyed. If anything, they’re there to serve a purpose, in other words, to clear a hangover. So, if you order one of these bad boys, you are probably giving the impression that you have had a hard night. You are probably going to be ordering one of these around dinner time to soothe your stomach and aching head.

Tiki Drinks

Tiki Drinks have all the fun of the fiesta. Whether you’ve bought yourself a pina colada, pineapple and rum cocktail or just have a fancy glass, you’re showing off that your hip, young and full of energy. You are more than ready to party and have a good time. It also shows that you’re quirky. Unlike the others, you’re not worried about what others think about you and you’re overly zealous glass. Instead, you just want to have fun with your friends and talk the night away.

How much have you drunk tonight?

Whilst you don’t want to go overboard with your cocktail selection, it is important to know that your choice will give an impression of the type of person you are. Make sure to choose wisely and don’t just go for something that looks good, but tastes awful. You deserve to have a good night, especially if you are on holiday. Have fun!