/Why Tummy Tucks Are a Fashion Trend for Young Moms

Why Tummy Tucks Are a Fashion Trend for Young Moms


The majority of women have their first child while they are still relatively young. Most people are still in their mid to late twenties when they give birth. Ideally, this would mean that their bodies are youthful enough to bounce back from the after-effects of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. First off, babies do appear to be getting larger in the womb. It is not so unusual now to have babies that weigh eight or ten pounds, perhaps even more. This means that your stomach and the muscles involved are stretching quite a bit more.

Then there is the fact that twin births are becoming more commonplace as well. As you can imagine, the more babies there are, the greater the stress on your body. These types of pregnancies – and others can cause two problems that moms are quite familiar with. The first is excess skin that has been stretched out during the pregnancy. The other issue is known as diastasis recti. This is when the two halves of the abdominal muscle, held together by thin tissue, stretch out during pregnancy. However, in this instance, the muscles don’t move back together as they should. So, now that you know what the issues are, why are young moms getting nipped and tucked?

Moms Want to Look Good Too

It often seems like moms have hated their stomachs since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it at the time so they simply learned to live with it. Now, however, mothers have plenty of options. They are also more interested in maintaining their appearance and looking good. All of this combined means that young mothers are more than ready to utilize the advantages that are available to them and make a change.

Lots of Moms are Getting In on the Trend

There are more and more mothers jumping at the chance to make a change. This means that women are not as shy as they used to be when discussing plastic surgery. They openly converse with their friends about the best doctors around and share tips and advice on how to proceed. As there are so many people involved, the trend is developing and continuing at a rate.

Diet and Exercise Can’t Help

That post-pregnancy pouch, as mentioned, isn’t always a result of fat. There are numerous young moms who work out, diet, and do as much as they can to get their body back. While they may lose weight around the rest of their body, their stomachs remain the same, looking as though they are still pregnant. The top reason that mothers are getting a tummy tuck in Scottsdale is because it is their only option. These problems can only be fixed by undergoing surgery and either removing the excess skin or moving the muscles together. It is then that the stomach will go back to looking more normal.

These are some of the reasons that tummy tucks are becoming all the rage with young moms. It is helping them physically and emotionally as well.