/Different fashion trends from around the world

Different fashion trends from around the world

Traveling long term comes with its ups and downs, the same as any path we choose to go through in life. Just like the other avenues we take in life, travelling also comes with a certain number of things which remain steady throughout the journey, no matter our personal journey. One constant and noticeable area, and one prevail ant in this blog, is fashion, or at least certain types of clothing and style.

This can be especially notable in certain parts of the world in which certain trends are adopted by travellers. Sometimes they are synonymous with Asia, Europe or the sates. In this post I want to look at two areas which have fashion trends. This is to ensure you have some packing ideas and some thoughts on what to buy when you are there, so you can fit into the travel fashion styles without so much as a hiccup.


Probably the area with the most noticeable styles and change in appearance for many westerners is Asia. This is due both to cultural differences and the unique style of Asian dress. Within a few hours of arrival to any Asian country you will notice both guys and girls in florescent baggy pants which contain beautiful detail and patterns. These pants are readily available and are bought on the most part as souvenirs, but also for cultural reasons and because they are quite comfortable. Many temples and holy sites require most parts of the body to be covered and these pants provide that possibility.

Another major feature of dress in Asia are the many numerous alcohol or party themed shorts which can be found in dozens of numerous party destinations throughout Asia. More popular with the holiday crowd, you will still find it hard not to go home without one.

South America:

This is a place I believe is best suited for the more experienced traveller, it has more of a grit to it not found in many parts of Asia. You will need your wits about you and some extra items. Cultural differences are not as prevalent, but you will find yourself taking part in far more strenuous adventures and trips than found in many parts of Asia. The typical traveller her will have some very comfy walking shoes, a fanny pack or some other type of protective bag and most definitely a smaller bag than what they brought to Asia. You will figure out that you don’t need as many items depending on the type of trip you are undertaking.

Technology wise I noticed a lot more cameras and laptops, the scenery here is so diverse many people come to try and capture as much of it as possible.

Although these are only two areas of the world it is still quite easy to see the large differences in the type of travel and style which each area brings, of course there will be many similarities to and it all depends on your own personal travel style.