/5 upcoming interior design trends

5 upcoming interior design trends

A living space that is well appointed, regardless of style, stands the test of time and looks unique. While décor is not as consistent as fashion, there are new trends that surface now and then. It is therefore advisable to take note of these trends and choose an interior design that suits your taste and preferences.

Here are some of the upcoming interior designs. They might inspire you to make some improvements in your living space.

1. Textural touches

Gone are the days when bare looks provided luxurious textures. Nowadays, most people are using more robust furnishing, larger dimensions, plusher cushions and other details in their living spaces. Experts predict that materials such as sanded oak will be replaced with polished walnut. Also, conventional tiles will be replaced with mosaic tiling or marble.

Another upcoming trend is layering design and materials. This feature helps to achieve a more dynamic and multifaceted environment. For instance, when you blend the various cultures found in Dubai, you will achieve a representation of the cross-cultural element.

2. Black in the background

Spaces such as kitchens and baths were typically painted white. However, in the recent past, these spaces are starting to feature black hues. In fact, black fixtures, appliances, surfaces, and materials are nowadays dominating. The use of black hues offers a dramatic and unexpected effect in the living space.

3. True colors

While black is starting to become prominent, so is the use of bold colors. Recently, there has been a resurgence of bold colours as well as imaginative and fun ways of pairing paints.

One of the most trending trends is the use of color through lighting. Interior décor experts have noted that colour-tunability (ability for lights to display different hues) is becoming popular in homes.

4. Mixed styles

Due to the rapid globalization, interior décor has been influenced by cultures from different parts of the world. As a result, there has been a bold mixing of international designs and art. The mixture of elements from a variety of periods as well as pairing high and low objects and art creates a space that is timeless.

5. Metallic Tones

In the recent past, people have been moving away from industrial design aesthetic and started embracing polished and tailored metallic finishes. Most people are preferring silver because of its clean nautical look and gold and brass for richness and warmth.

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