/3 Tips for Shortening Your Beauty Routine

3 Tips for Shortening Your Beauty Routine

Do you feel like your daily beauty routine takes far too long to complete? You aren’t alone. Many people report spending an average of 30-60 minutes getting ready each day, and feel that it limits the amount of time they are able to spend relaxing, eating, socializing, and preparing for each day.  Whether you are a college student or an employee at Black Tie Moving, getting ready for the day can help you to succeed as it will help you look and feel your best during whatever a long day throws at you – but when you spend too much time getting ready, this can be difficult. Keep reading to learn a few simple tips for shortening your beauty routine each day. 

Style Your Hair Overnight

If styling your hair with hot tools like curling irons or straighteners in the morning is proving to be too time consuming, try using heatless, overnight styling methods while you sleep. This can include sleeping with your hair in braids, using overnight foam rollers, or using special overnight tools such as heatless styling headbands that are available from beauty retailers such as Ulta or Sephora. Not only will this allow you to wake up each day with beautiful hair with no effort, but styling your hair using these methods will help it to become healthier over time as heat damage can fry your hair. 

Use Double Ended Brushes

Using double ended makeup brushes might not seem that helpful, there is nothing more frustrating (and time consuming) than digging around in your makeup bag or vanity drawer for all of the tiny brushes you need when you’re running low on time. Using dual ended brushes that contain multiple purposes can help save you time while ensuring you don’t have to compromise using any important tools that are needed to get the look you desire.

Use Multi-Purpose Products

In addition to using double ended makeup brushes to save time, using multi-use products that service numerous functions can also help you save time. Products like a priming moisturizer or a cheek stain that can be used on the lips as well will help save you time on a busy morning as it will cut down on the number of steps you have to complete in order to achieve the look you want.