Travelling to a completely new country is both really exciting and daunting at the same time. You will be travelling to an unknown land which has a completely different language, different culture, different currency and even different decorum!  The rules at an international airport are much stricter and there are a lot of things you must remember when you pack your bags or board your plain. However, a few tips and tricks will save you from a lot of troubles. To help you spend a lovely and fun vacation abroad, here are five tips which you must remember when you go for your first international vacation.

1. Research as much as you can

Use an online travel planner to research all about the destination you are travelling to, and figure out a rough itinerary before you visit the place. There can be many off the beaten track destinations along with the various tourist attractions at the place you are travelling to. If the country has a different language than the ones you speak or understand, it can be really hard to figure out where to go or how to reach a certain place. You will be thanking yourself if you did proper research beforehand in such cases.

2. Check the money situation

Budgeting for your trip is one of the most important aspects of planning a trip. And it is more important when you are budgeting for your international trip. Remember to check out the conversion rates beforehand. Also, you will be travelling to a new country, so you have to find out the prices of basic amenities like mineral water bottles, prices of public transport tickets if you use any, general tipping decorum etc. Plan for all of the small and big expenditures and make your budget keeping everything in mind.

3. Use ATMs for convert your currency

Each and every tourist destinations have some or a huge number of scams going on. It is the ugly truth. Especially one can get totally ripped off if they visit one of the shady currency exchange places. Also, exchange places near airports and other touristy areas can apply a huge charge when you exchange your money. That is why using ATMs for converting your money is always a safe and great way. Banks charge a standardized amount for converting your currency into local currency, and there’s no possibility of getting ripped off.

4. Airports are expensive

International airports look really enticing, we know. But do not get too excited to see all those things on offer when you enter an international airport. Although there are many duty-free shops where you can get wine bottles or imported liquor for cheap, basic things like water bottles or food items often come with a hefty price tag at airports. So remember to not spend your heart out.

5. Beware of food allergies

With a new country, comes a completely new cuisine to try out. But make sure you know what you are eating. Because many cuisines have ingredients like dried shrimps or peanuts or soy etc. in the recipes, which can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. So if you are allergic to something, then make sure you know what you are eating if you don’t want to suffer from an allergy attack during your vacation.