/Tips for Telecommuting and Traveling Abroad

Tips for Telecommuting and Traveling Abroad

Telecommuting usually refers to working from home with an internet connection. However, there’s a new definition for telecommuting among travel enthusiasts: working on an internet-connected computer while travelling the world. This form of telecommuting was first made popular by travel bloggers. The nature of the job requires travel bloggers to hop from country to country. With great content, many travel writers find enormous success (and profits) online. Even if you are not a travel blogger, you may be able to telecommute and travel the world at the same time. Here are several tips for doing that:

Start Your Own Company to Become a Travelling Telecommuter

Want to travel the world and work at your own pace without a boss berating you? Then start your own business. It is the best way to have a flexible schedule and do whatever you want from anywhere. Most companies will not allow employees to globetrot without a clear reason. So it will be very difficult to convince your current employer to let you telecommute and so do possibly from a different time zone. You won’t have these problems with your own business. You can even consult with management experts, like Global Resources LLC, to find out whether your business idea is suitable for telecommuting the way you want.

Be Willing to Accept a Lower Salary

If you don’t really want to start your own business, at least not yet, you may be able to convince a conventional employer to allow your telecommuting and travelling abroad. Don’t expect the business to bear your leisure travel fees. If you want to seal the deal, you may have to accept a lower salary to make the process more lucrative to the employer. In return, you will have a steady income, health coverage, and flexibility to work as you want. If you are travelling to developing countries, then the cost of living would be much lower offsetting the lower salary.

Invest in Technology

Global telecommuting is only possible with technology. So you will have to invest in significant amounts of tech to make this work. You will need a work laptop with really great Wi-Fi capabilities, a backup laptop, backup drives, dongles that make remote internet connection possible, communication software like Skype, a smartphone, and maybe a tablet too. Backing up all your data is paramount when telecommuting while travelling.  So, get ready to spend some money on tech and upgrade as you go.

Mind the Exchange Rate

When choosing a country to travel to, be careful of the exchange rate. If you go to an expensive country where the dollar is at a disadvantage against the local currency, then the cost of living would be much higher. If you go to a country where the dollar performs strongly against the local currency, which is much of the world, then your overall cost of living would be much lower and you would be able to save a lot of money.

Also, it’s important that you obtain adequate travel health insurance and have backup funds just in case. If you take these suggestions seriously, then you would definitely be able to travel the world and earn money at the same time.