/Vital Health Supplies to Take on the Road With You

Vital Health Supplies to Take on the Road With You

I love to travel and whilst I also like to look good wherever I go, I am not one of these travelers who needs to take the kitchen sink with me when I hit the road. In fact, I have spent many years practicing how to take my favorite items away with me whilst ensuring that my luggage is as minimal as it can possibly be.

One area of my luggage which I always leave space for is health supplies, I know that you can pick things up in any country, or at least most countries which you find yourself in, but experience has taught me that it is far better to have some vital equipment on hand. If you aren’t sure about which health supplies you should take with you then read on to see what I take.


The last thing any girl wants is to be caught out when it comes to having their period and I cannot tell you how many late night trips I have made in search of a towel or a tampon. When you travel, your body changes greatly and your hormones will be far out of balance, this means that no matter how regular you are, a period can come at any time and it is vital that you are prepared.

Pain Relief

One small bottle of ibuprofen and another of paracetamol is always in my bag, I try not to rely on pain relief such as these very often but if you have a migraine and you’re  trying to find a mode of transport or a hotel, you are going to find it difficult. Ibuprofen is not only a pain reliever but also helps for any area of your body which becomes inflamed or swollen, it is not a cure for an injury but it can help you until you find some help.

Tropical Protection

Traveling with sunburn or insect bites is absolutely no fun at all and in order to avoid either of these terrible situations, pack a small, spray on sun cream and some insect repellent. I also purchased a small tool which zaps your bites with a small electrical current, it takes up very little space in my bag and it is highly effective, if you find something like that then buy it without hesitation.


Whether it is a small cut to your foot or a larger cut somewhere else on your body, a plaster, waterproof if possible, is going to come in very handy indeed. Having an open wound leaves you liable for infection so it is important that you get it covered up sooner rather than later. Like with most things on this list, you can buy plasters almost anywhere in the world but they work better when you get them on quickly, the last thing that you need is to be searching for a pharmacy with an open wound, and infection will not wait for you.

What kind of things do you carry in your health kit? Let us know in the comments below.