/Tips to Help You Say Prepared For Dieting

Tips to Help You Say Prepared For Dieting

Up until three years ago, I had struggled for a very long time with my weight, through the years I had tried just about every diet fad that was going and I could never stick to it, I would be good for a few weeks and then regress instantly. Just after I turned thirty I decided that enough was enough and that I would take my life into my hands once and for all.

The problem that my friend I always had was time, I would work 12 hours a day and my friend Heather Weber Merrill Lynch associate would work for even longer, the pair of us would use this an an excuse to not eat healthily or stick to our diets. Heather felt the same as myself after turning thirty and between us we decided that we would get in shape, no crazy diets just healthy eating and sensible amounts of exercise when we could. We both quickly found that they key was very much in the preparation and if you want to stick to that diet of yours, here are some keys to how to prepare your healthy eating routine.


For anyone who is on a diet, Sunday is the single most important day as it is the day that you should spend at the supermarket, buying your food for the week. Make a list to ensure that you do not sway from your diet plan and you should also make sure that you have eaten first, there is nothing worse than going into a supermarket hungry. Once you get back, you should spend your Sunday evening preparing the salad items, chopping up veg and even cooking meals if you need to which you will use through the week.

Little Pots

I found that the times when I was mostly likely to eat rubbish food was when I did not have a more convenient option and so to counter this, I used to take mountains of little pots with me to work. In these pots I would take things like raw carrot, nuts, raisins, dried fruit and a whole host of other snacks. Once I started to take these pots with me to work I found that my desire to grab a bag of chips was absolutely zero and the snacks kept me going through the day.

Meal Plan

Once the weekend comes, you should start to make a meal plan for the following week, not only will this help with your supermarket list but it will also mean that you are giving attention to what you eat rather than simply grabbing something when you are hungry. Make sure that you are following your diet tips and ensure that you are getting enough fruit and veg, enough protein and enough healthy fats. Setting time aside to make your meal plan will ensure that you are eating good, healthy meals throughout the following week.