/Workouts During Holidays: 4 Reasons to Keep Exercising While on Vacation

Workouts During Holidays: 4 Reasons to Keep Exercising While on Vacation

Holidays come with a change of routine from a well-defined one to a more relaxed one since most individuals are not going to work. The change could see you skip your workouts or do them less often. You may promise yourself to resume your normal exercise routine after the New Year. However, when you abandon regular workouts, de-training happens within a few weeks. The most advisable thing is to change to maintenance workouts rather than stopping exercising completely, which reverses the gains achieved so far. You can consider reducing the duration of each session or drop one session per week and you will not have a hard time resuming the routine rather than if you stop and try to restart again later.

Below are some reasons you need to carry on exercising during the holidays:

Working out reduces holiday stress

Although holidays are times to be happy as you join your family and friends and make merry, the many activities and demands can lead to stress. Such things include shopping, preparing food, decorating the house, planning parties, and looking for gifts, among others. Exercises are natural stress relievers as they promote the production of hormones that uplift your mood and minimize anxiety. Workouts also help people to get quality sleep, which reduces stress. One also feels a sense of accomplishment after succeeding in an exercise or game, thus boosting their self-esteem and reducing stress.

Exercising will keep away weight gain

With all of the partying that comes with holidays, it is possible to gain weight. Working out will reduce the chances of gaining weight by burning calories. Exercising will also promote muscle development and your muscles will maintain a high metabolic rate, thus reducing weight gain.

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To offer something besides overindulging

Most of the celebrations during holidays have a lot to do with indulging in food and idling while binge-watching movies or catching up with family and friends. This overindulging could get to unhealthy levels when you have visited other families or are playing host to other people. It is also stressful to change from a busy schedule to a less packed one where there is a lot of time that you are doing nothing. Instead of overindulging, getting yourself some personal time to work out can be a good idea. Exercises will also help you to get into a schedule that will help you spend your time productively as you also maintain your fitness.

Workouts make your day have structure

The biggest contributing factors to weight gain like stress and depression among other health problems is the reduction or lack of structure when it comes to your day’s routines. If you decide to exercise daily, you will have to come up with a schedule for your workouts that makes your day have structure. Having structure enables you to watch your meal times, stick to your sleeping hours, and have a plan so that you can fulfil the various holiday demands.

You do not want to deal with the effects of missing your holiday workouts, so commit yourself to exercise. Make a good schedule of your days to allocate some time for exercise. You should also try to be flexible so that you can exercise wherever you are using your environment.