/Pickup Lines Don’t Work: Here’s What Does

Pickup Lines Don’t Work: Here’s What Does


We all know the scene. You spot a lady that you like at the bar and decide that you need to make a move. You wander over, ready to impress her with your charm and then as you open your mouth a hideously cringeworthy chat up line seems to fall out at her.

She laughs, the moment is gone and you are left alone and rather red faced.

Whilst some men may claim that they are able to pull plenty of women with pickup lines, the truth is that they simply don’t work. Women are wise to these “charm offensive tactics” and they are not won over by them.

But what can you do instead?  How can you break the ice and see if you can win over the girl of your dreams?

Here are some of the top tips of things that you can try rather than pulling out the pickup lines.

Be confident

Women like a man who is confident (rather than arrogant of course) which means that even if you are feeling a little on the shy side, you need to put across that you are confident. A lot of this is down to your body language, the way you hold yourself and of course the way you walk too.

Introduce yourself

You still need to use some kind of opening line when it comes to meeting a girl in a public place, but these should be simple rather than cheesy. Simply ask if the seat next to them is taken, or perhaps ask if they would like a drink? Both of these questions are relatively self-explanatory and if she isn’t interested or is taken, then she will tell you so. If she agrees, then you are good to go.

Keep conversation fun

Just because cheesy chat up lines are off the table (or should that be bar in this case) that doesn’t mean that a bit of fun banter isn’t okay. If you want to make a good impression, you will want to make sure that your conversation is fun and flows well. Don’t be afraid to be funny, if this come naturally to you. But ultimately, just be yourself and you should be absolutely fine.

It can get pretty hot

Not all conversations take place face-to-face. Sometimes you might be chatting to people through a dating website or a dating app. The fact of not being in the same room allows people to be more relaxed, which is why some naughty adventurers enjoy the idea of doing fuck chat on My Sex Hookups and other adult dating sites. You just need to make sure you can keep it together, because once you’re all excited, it’s difficult to stay objective and you might not know what words to use.

Be prepared for rejection

There is a good chance that your pick up techniques are not going to work, so get yourself ready for rejection. No-one likes to be told that they are not attractive, but that doesn’t mean that it is okay to be rude to that person or put them down if they don’t give you the response you want. Just because that lady isn’t feeling you, another one might, and this time you will feel more comfortable about approaching them.

So, now you know the secret to pulling never lies in your lines. Why not try out some of our other ideas and see just how many ladies you can impress? Just remember to be confident and be yourself and you are sure to find the ideal woman for you.